Request for research, service or device

Starting a request

ZorgDomein Integrator facilitates requests for several different healthcare services and products such as:

  • Requests for diagnostic research, such as lab research, medical imaging and function research
  • Execution requests (NL: uitvoeringsverzoeken)
  • Requests for medical devices

When doing a request for research, serivce or device, the referrer logs in to ZorgDomein directly from his/her own information system using SSO. After logging in, he/she will select a healthcare product that is published by a specific healthcare supplier. This healthcare product matches the type of research, serivce or device the referrer intends to request and determines the choice for the healthcare supplier. Once the healthcare supplier has been selected, the referrer will compose and send the following documents to the healthcare supplier: 

  • Request form: this document lists the requested services or products. Additionally this document provides relevant medical patient data for the requested serives or products. This data is automatically added to the request form as much as possible based on the medical patient data from the information system of the referrer. 
  • Appointment message (optional): a logistic message that announces the request and contains the logistic data of the request, i.e. details of the patient, referrer, referring organization, recipient and selected healthcare request. In most cases this document is unnecessary and will therefore be omitted, because the request form already contains all relevant data. 

A copy of both documents will be sent back to the information system of ther referrer for archiving purposes.

Sending a supplement

After sending the request, the referrer may sooner or later decide to send one or more supplemental documents. The referrer may optionally add one or more attachments to the supplemental letter. A copy of the supplemental document will be sent back to the information system of the referrer. 

Please note that not all request types support supplements. 

Cancelling a request

In some cases, the referrer may choose to cancel the request by sending a cancellation message to the selected healthcare supplier. A copy of the cancellation message will be sent back to the information system of the referrer. 

Currently there are only a few healthcare suppliers support cancellation of a request for research, serivce or device. Please contact us if you want to implement this functionality in your connector. 

Sequence diagram

The sequence diagram below provides a schematic overview of all interactions between the involved actors when performing a request for research, serivce or device.