ZD EpisodeOfCare

Resources conforming to this profile are requested by ZorgDomein when populating the referral letter or request form with data from the source information system.

Queries on the https://[FHIRServerUrl]/EpisodeOfCare endpoint may include the following query parameters:

  • patient=[PatientID]: [PatientID] refers to the patient ID as provided in the Task resource that is requested by ZorgDomein during SSO.
  • _sort=-date: indicates that the resources in the search result must be sorted by date, descending.

The canonical URL for this profile is:

This profile builds on EpisodeOfCare.

id S Σ 1..1 id
url 1..1 uriFixed Value
system Σ 1..1 uriFixed Value
version Σ 0..1 string
code Σ 1..1 code
display Σ 0..1 string
userSelected Σ 0..1 boolean
text Σ 0..1 string
identifier 0..* Identifier
status Σ ?! 1..1 codeBinding
status 1..1 codeBinding
period I 1..1 Period
system Σ 0..1 uri
version Σ 0..1 string
code Σ 1..1 codeFixed Value
display Σ 0..1 stringFixed Value
userSelected Σ 0..1 boolean
text Σ 0..1 string
reference Σ I 0..1 string
identifier Σ 0..1 Identifier
display S Σ 1..1 string
role Σ 0..1 CodeableConceptBinding
rank Σ 0..1 positiveInt
patient S Σ I 1..1 Reference(ZD Patient)
managingOrganization Σ I 0..1 Reference(Organization)
period S Σ I 0..1 Period
referralRequest I 0..* Reference(ReferralRequest)
careManager I 0..1 Reference(Practitioner)
team I 0..* Reference(CareTeam)
account I 0..* Reference(Account)

See the profile on for additional details.

Resource example

Below you find an example of an EpisodeOfCare resource that conforms to the ZD EpisodeOfCare profile.

      "resourceType": "EpisodeOfCare",
      "id": "10893",
      "meta": {
        "versionId": "1",
        "lastUpdated": "2019-06-05T14:23:56.385+02:00",
        "profile": [
      "extension": [
          "url": "",
          "valueCodeableConcept": {
            "coding": [
                "system": "",
                "code": "T90",
                "display": "Diabetes mellitus"
      "status": "active",
      "type": [
          "coding": {
            "code": "flagged-episode",
            "display": "Episode met attentiewaarde"
      "diagnosis": [
          "condition": {
            "display": "Diabetes mellitus"
      "patient": {
        "reference": "Patient/10796"
      "period": {
        "start": "2017-02-14T00:00:00+01:00"
    <EpisodeOfCare xmlns=''>
      <id value='10893'/>
        <versionId value='1'/>
        <lastUpdated value='2019-06-05T14:23:56.385+02:00'/>
        <profile value=''/>
      <extension url=''>
            <system value=''/>
            <code value='T90'/>
            <display value='Diabetes mellitus'/>
      <status value='active'/>
          <code value='flagged-episode'/>
          <display value='Episode met attentiewaarde'/>
          <display value='Diabetes mellitus'/>
        <reference value='Patient/10796'/>
        <start value='2017-02-14T00:00:00+01:00'/>