Change log

We will implement improvements to ZorgDomein Integrator on a regular basis. Changes to the interface kan be devided into two groups: 

  • Breaking changes that are not compatible with existing specifications. These change will always be implemented in a new major release of our interfaces. We will make sure that these changes are communicated to our partners before they are implemented and there is sufficient time to update existing connectors to support these changes. 
  • Backwards compatible changes. These changes shall not break any connector that is running in production. We’ll release these changes on a regular basis without prior notice. On this page we will publish all changes once they have been implemented. If these changes concern new features that may be benificial to most connectors, we may communicate them in a separate mailing to our partners. If you wish to receive those updates, please subscribe to our newsletter
Date Description Related components
2023-03-07 Added new lauch intent value view-transaction. When this value is used in Task.code for the Task resource that is provided to ZorgDomein during SSO, the user is directed to a specific transaction in the ZorgDomein directing screen (a.k.a. “Regie”), where the intented transaction must be indentified by a ZD-number in Task.basedOn.identifier.value. Send documents
2023-03-06 The new ORM (V3) message has been promoted to a preferent message. Consequently, the ORM (LFDv2) message has been marked as deprecated. Receive documents
2023-02-17 Added specialty of sender to PractitionerRole.specialty.text in PractitionerRole resource that is referenced by the ZD Acting Referrer and ZD Sender extensions in Composition Send documents, Receive documents
2022-06-07 Added support for setting an attention flag in EpisodeOfCare resources by setting EpisodeOfCare.type.coding.code = flagged-episode. SSO to ZorgDomein, Send documents
2022-01-28 The launch intent send-response can now also be used to send a response to a teleconsult or advisory consult (meekijkconsult) SSO to ZorgDomein, Send documents
2021-11-29 First publication if the draft OML V3 and ORM V3 specs Receive documents
2021-10-21 Added unique identifier of receiving cluster to PractitionerRole.healthcareService.identifier.value Receive documents
2021-02-25 When a transaction is cancelled, a FHIR update (HTTP PUT) request is triggered at the FHIR Task resource that was provided by the source system to ZorgDomein during SSO (for the initial submission of that transaction). The body of the request will contain the original content of the Task resource, where Task.status is set to cancelled. SSO to ZorgDomein, Send documents
2021-02-18 Added lab results table as html in corresponding section in FHIR Bundle. Send documents, Receive documents
2020-11-26 Implemented FHIR queries for new HASP fields (“Ingestelde behandeling”, “Overgevoeligheid voor medicatie; contra-indicaties voor voorschrijven”, “Behandelgrenzen”). Send documents 
2020-11-12 Implemented FHIR query for lab results table (used for telenephrology).  Send documents 
2020-10-13 Removed dead reference in in activation verification Bundle, changed to "ZorgDomein". Send documents, Receive documents
2020-10-13 Implemented FHIR queries for obstetrics fields (Gravida, Para, A terme datum, Zwangerschapsduur, Cyclus, CRL, Obstetrische voorgeschiedenis, Lengte zwangere, Gewicht zwagere). Send documents
2020-08-03 Fixed extraction of patient’s name from if extension humannameAssemblyOrder = “NL1”: partner name and prefix are no longer extracted in that case.  Send documents
2020-07-03 Upgraded the set of supported TLS ciphers according to the latest definition of NCSC for “niveau goed”.  All
2020-05-26 Implemented support for sending and receiving reports and other correspondence as FHIR documents to individual heathcare professionals. See Sending and receiving correspondence for details.  Send documents, Receive documents
2020-05-01 Added ReferralRequest and Coverage resources to all FHIR Documents for product based transactions. Send documents, Receive documents
2020-04-01 Added patient id (as specified in SSO token from XIS of initiator) to context.patient-id in JWT for all HTTP requests to XIS of initiator Send documents
2020-03-11 Added cluster name to PractitionerRole.healthcareService.display in PractitionerRole resource that is referenced by the zd-recipient and zd-destination extensions in Composition Send documents, Receive documents
2020-03-03 Added fullUrl attribute to Composition resources conforming to ZD Activation Verfication Auto-activation 
2019-12-10 Implemented FHIR queries for fields “Anamnese” and “Lichamelijk onderzoek”) Send documents