Standalone report

Sending a report

ZorgDomein Intagrator supports the use case where a practitioner wants to inform another practitioner about the condition of a patient by sending a report. It is possible to send a report back to referrer in response to a received referral, see the Referral use case for more details. It is also possible to send a “standalone” report, i.e. a report that is not based on a referral or other transaction type. 

To send a standalone report, the sender logs in to ZorgDomein directly from his/her own information system using SSO. After logging in, he/she will be directed to the reporting flow. In this flow the sender can select the recipient for the report. After the recipient has been selected, the sender is directed to the reporting form that can be used to compose the report. The content of this report is automatically composed as much as possible based on the medical patient data from the information system of the sender. The sender may also add attachments to the report form. These attachments should be fetched from the information system of the sender. After submitting the report form, ZorgDomein will deliver the report document to the information system of the selected recipient. A copy of the report will be sent back to the information system of the sender for archiving purposes. 

Sequence diagram

The sequence diagram below provides a schematic overview of all interactions between the involved actors when sending a report.