ZD Encounter

Resources conforming to this profile are requested by ZorgDomein when populating the referral letter or request form with data from the source information system.

Queries on the https://[FHIRServerUrl]/Encounter endpoint may include the following query parameters:

  • patient=[PatientID]: [PatientID] refers to the patient ID as provided in the Task resource that is requested by ZorgDomein during SSO.
  • episodeofcare=[EpisodeIds]: [EpisodeIds] may contain multiple, comma separated IDs. The Episode ID’s are extracted from the result of a query for EpisodeOfCare resources.
  • episodeofcare:missing=true: indicates that the search result must not contain any Encounter resource that has a value for Encounter.EpisodeOfCare.
  • date=ge[date]: the resources in the search result must only contain MedicationStatement resources that have an Encounter.period value that is greater than or equal to [date].
  • _sort=-date: indicates that the resources in the search result must be sorted by date, descending.
  • _summary=count: just return a count of the matching resources, without returning the actual matches.

The canonical URL for this profile is:

This profile builds on Encounter.

id S Σ 1..1 id
url 1..1 uriFixed Value
system Σ 1..1 uriFixed Value
version Σ 0..1 string
code Σ 1..1 code
display Σ 0..1 string
userSelected Σ 0..1 boolean
text Σ 0..1 string
identifier Σ 0..* Identifier
status Σ ?! 1..1 codeBinding
status 1..1 codeBinding
period 1..1 Period
class Σ 0..1 CodingBinding
class 1..1 CodingBinding
period 1..1 Period
type Σ 0..* CodeableConcept
priority 0..1 CodeableConcept
subject Σ 0..1 Reference(Patient | Group)
episodeOfCare S Σ 0..* Reference(ZD EpisodeOfCare)
incomingReferral 0..* Reference(ReferralRequest)
type Σ 0..* CodeableConceptBinding
period 0..1 Period
individual Σ 0..1 Reference(Practitioner | RelatedPerson)
appointment Σ 0..1 Reference(Appointment)
start Σ 1..1 dateTime
end S Σ 0..1 dateTime
length 0..1 Duration
reason Σ 0..* CodeableConceptBinding
condition 1..1 Reference(Condition | Procedure)
role 0..1 CodeableConceptBinding
rank 0..1 positiveInt
account 0..* Reference(Account)
preAdmissionIdentifier 0..1 Identifier
origin 0..1 Reference(Location)
admitSource 0..1 CodeableConceptBinding
reAdmission 0..1 CodeableConcept
dietPreference 0..* CodeableConcept
specialCourtesy 0..* CodeableConceptBinding
specialArrangement 0..* CodeableConceptBinding
destination 0..1 Reference(Location)
dischargeDisposition 0..1 CodeableConcept
location 1..1 Reference(Location)
status 0..1 codeBinding
period 0..1 Period
serviceProvider 0..1 Reference(Organization)
partOf 0..1 Reference(Encounter)

See the profile on for additional details.

Resource example

Below you find an example of an Encounter resource that conforms to the ZD Encounter profile.

      "resourceType": "Encounter",
      "id": "zd-encounter-1",
      "extension": [
          "url": "",
          "valueCodeableConcept": {
            "coding": [
                "system": "",
                "code": "T90",
                "display": "Diabetes mellitus"
            "text": "Diabetes mellitus"
      "meta": {
        "profile": [
      "status": "finished",
      "subject": {
        "reference": "Patient/zd-patient-1",
        "display": "K. Aelbrinck-de Jager"
      "episodeOfCare": [
          "reference": "EpisodeOfCare/zd-episodeofcare-1"
      "period": {
        "start": "2017-01-15T09:30:00+01:00",
        "end": "2017-01-15T09:40:00+01:00"
    <Encounter xmlns=''>
      <id value='zd-encounter-1'/>
        <profile value=''/>
      <extension url=''>
            <system value=''/>
            <code value='T90'/>
            <display value='Diabetes mellitus'/>
          <text value='Diabetes mellitus'/>
      <status value='finished'/>
        <reference value='Patient/zd-patient-1'/>
        <display value='K. Aelbrinck-de Jager'/>
        <reference value='EpisodeOfCare/zd-episodeofcare-1'/>
        <start value='2017-01-15T09:30:00+01:00'/>
        <end value='2017-01-15T09:40:00+01:00'/>