General HL7v2 specifications

HL7 v2 messages

The Receive documents component supports receiving clinical documents using HL7v2 messages. The tables below display all message types that are used this use case. The first table displays the message types that are currently used. The second table contains message specifications for HL7v2 messages that have been deprecated. 

Important note about the future of HL7v2 messages

Future developments in the Receive documents use case will focus on FHIR Documents. New functionalities of the ZorgDomein application will typically be implemented in FHIR Documents only. This applies to all transaction types, except for requests for diagnostic research. For these transactions we will keep maintaining the relevant HL7v2 messages. 

Preferent messages

Deprecated messages

NB: We do not support these messages any more for new implementations of Integrator CE. However, existing implementations of these messages at our customers stay supported for the time being.  


A care providing interface receives and sends HL7 messages over an IPsec VPN connection using the MLLP protocol. The messages are delivered at a specific IP address and port number. The IP address and port number are determined by the XIS vendor or client and are communicated to ZorgDomein.