Quick test guide: referral

This test guide explains how you can test the referral flow in the ZorgDomein application. Follow the instructions below to send the documents belonging to a referral to your information system. This way you can test if these documents are successfully received and processed in your information system. 

Before you can start a referral you have to make sure that:

  • You have registered your information system with ZorgDomein. If you didn’t contact us yet to register your information system, please do so
  • You have developed a (first version of a) connector for your information sysyem. 
  • You have a ZorgDomein account for the ZorgDomein TIO environment. If you don’t have an account yet, please contact us to request an account. 
  • Your organization account has been configured with at least one healthcare product. If you do have an account, but you don’t know if your account has been configured correctly, please contact us. 

Follow the steps below to perform a test referral:

  1. Log in on the TIO environment.

  2. If you succeeded to log in, click on the Preview (1) tab in the blue top bar. 

  3. Now you have landed at a preview screen that looks like the start screen that healthcare professionals see when they enter ZorgDomein. This is the test section of our application that can be used to test referrals. Because this is a test mode that is also used by healthcare suppliers to preview their healthcare supply, it will not send any documents to information systems by default. If you want to test your connect, you’ll probably want to receive these documents. Therefore it is important to activate the the Berichten (2) toggle.

  4. When using the preview mode the patient context will automatically be set with dummy data. Click on the orange bar (3) if you want to use different patient details. This will trigger the the patient details modal where you can adjust the details.

  5. Next you have to select a healthcare request from the healthcare request menu (5). You can also use the search bar to search for a specific healthcare request (4). Make sure you select a healthcare request that is linked to a healthcare product that has been created for your organization. 

  6. Your are directed to the healhtcare supply screen. Here you will find all healthcare products that are available for the healthcare request that you have selected in the previous step. Select a healthcare product. 

  7. You are directed to the protocol screen which contains additional details about the selected healthcare product. Click on the button Start verwijzing (6).

  8. You are directed to the patient information screen where you can specify how you want to inform the patient. This option is generally not relevant when testing a connector, the most convenient option is Op papier (7). Select this option and click Verstuur verwijzing (8). You can close the print popup that your browser will open. 
    This is the very moment that the actual referral will be initiated. This means that ZorgDomein will send a appointment request to the information system of the receiving organization (which will be your information system).  

  9. At this point the logistic part of the referral (i.e. the appointment request) has been sent. The medical part consists of a referral letter and optional attachments. A popup will open that offers you the choice to compose the referral letter directly or to do this at a later point in time.
    You may choose for Naar regie (9) or Naar startscherm in order to finish the referral at a later point in time. You can find the referral in the directing screen (use the tab Regie in the blue top bar). Using this screen you can finish the referral at any point in time. 
    However, to continue the test flow it’s best to compose the referral letter and finish the referral directly by clicking Naar verwijsbrief (10). verwijzing-bevestiging.png

  10. Now you can compose the referral letter. In a production scenario the referral letter will be prefilled based on data from the referrer’s information system.  

  11. If applicable you can add one ore more attachments to the referral letter (11).

  12. Once you’re done composing the referral letter you can finish it by clicking Versturen (12).

  13. The referral letter and potential attachments are now sent to the information system of the healthcare supplier (in this case your information system). You will see a confirmation of the submission. This confirmation message contains a ZP-number (13). This number can be used in logging to trace any potential errors during the test. Therefore it is adviced to take a note of this number. 

  14. Click Naar startscherm (14) to finish the test flow.

  15. In case an error occurred during receiving or processing the referral in your information system you can easily resend all documents belonging to that referral using the directing screen to retest if the issue has been resolved after rework. Click on the tab Regie (15) in the blue top bar to open the directing screen. 

  16. The directing screen contains an overview of all your transactions. Enter the ZP-number of the referral you want to resend in the search bar to find the corresponding transaction. Open the transaction by clicking on it. Once opened, the transaction will show all documents that have been sent within the scope of that transaction. Click on the button Herzenden (16) for earch document you want to resend.  

If you would like to test other product based transactions like a request for lab diagnostics or teleconsultation you can use the same flow in Preview mode. Just pick a healthcare product of a different type in the healthcare supply screen. The rest of the transaction flow will be very similar to the referral flow.