Development tools


ZorgDomein offers several tools to speed up the development of a connector. The different tools are listed below. 

Test environment

Developers that are working on a connector can get access to a dedicated test environment for vendors. This environment can be used for funcational and end-to-end integration tests between your application and ZorgDomein. If you are working on a connector and you don’t have access to this test environment yet, please contact us to request access. 

Go to test environment

Test guides

To simplify functional testing, we have created a few Quick test guides on how to use the ZorgDomein application:

In case you’d like to test other transaction flows than the referral flow, please read our quick test guide for referrals. The flows for sending a request for diagnostic research, teleconsultation or any other healthcare service or product are very similar. Use the Preview functionality in ZorgDomein and don’t forget to activate the toggle Berichten

For more details about the functionalities of the ZorgDomein application please visit our general support portal for ZorgDomein users (Dutch only). 


FHIR sample code

To get started with the development of a connector, we have generated some sample code snippets

FHIR resource examples

The specifiction of each FHIR profile also includes one or more resource examples. 

HL7v2 example messages