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Learn how to implement a connector with ZorgDomein Integrator to:


Send documents

Generate and send referrals, healthcare requests, reports and other clinical documents to other healthcare suppliers directly from your application.

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Receive documents

Receive and process referrals, healthcare requests, reports and other clinical documents for healthcare organizations or individual practitioners directly in your application.

SSO to ZorgDomein

Enable users to launch ZorgDomein directly from your application and share application context with ZorgDomein.


SSO from ZorgDomein

Enable professionals and patients to launch your application from ZorgDomein and exchange logistic or medical data with ZorgDomein.


ZorgDomein Integrator is the interface that the ZorgDomein application exposes to exchange data with healthcare information systems (XIS’s) or healthcare apps programmatically. This interface exposes different functionalities to external applications. These different functionalities are logically grouped in components. When building a connector with ZorgDomein Integrator you can implement the following components (see descriptions above):

It is not always necessary to support all components in a single connector. The components for sending and receiving clinical documents are typically combined in one connector. This way you can create a two-way mechanism for sending and receiving clinical documents directly from and in your application. See the different use cases to learn how the interface components can be used to facilite specific healthcare processes. 

This portal will provide you with all the relevant documentation you may need to design and implement a connector with ZorgDomein Integrator.

Why building a connector?

ZorgDomein aims to be in close collaboration with you as vendor of a healthcare information system or patient application. Together we can help both healthcare professionals and patient to:

  • Improve the quality of data transfer
    “Unity of language” is central to the quality of data transfer: data is registered and communicated unambiguously. This way data does not get lost and human errors are prevented.
  • Work more efficient
    Automatic data exchange between healthcare application for both professionals and patients eliminates the need to re-enter or copy-paste data from paper to application, or application to application. Moreover, digital exchange of structured data enables systems to process data automatically and act upon it if necessary.
  • Get more control over healthcare processes
    Because a connector with ZorgDomein facilitates the exposure of more relevant and high quality medical data in a more efficient way, it will help both healthcare professionals and patients to get more control over healthcare processes, especially if these processes span multiple healthcare suppliers.

ZorgDomein Integrator Editions

ZorgDomein Integrator is available in two editions: 

  • FHIR Edition (FE): this is the most recent edition of ZorgDomein Integrator, and as the name suggests, it is based on HL7® FHIR®. This edition supports all interface components. Future developments of our interface will focus on this edition. 
  • Classic Edition (CE): this edition of ZorgDomein Integrator is based on HL7® v2 messages. It only supports the Receive documents component. This edition is only relevant for connectors that focus on receiving requests for diagnostic research. For all other implementations we advise to implement the FHIR Edition.  

About ZorgDomein

ZorgDomein is an online platform that aims to connect healthcare demand with healthcare supply. This way our platform facilitates the choice for the most suitable healthcare for a specific healthcare demand. This demand involves both healthcare professionals and patients. Therefore ZorgDomein connects healthcare suppliers, professionals and patients with each other in order to improve healthcare and keep it accessible and affordable for everyone. Interested to learn more about ZorgDomein? Please visit for more details. 

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