Integration process

We welcome new information systems or other healtchare applications and patient apps to integrate with us. But how does that work, connecting with ZorgDomein Integrator? This page will guide you through the integration process step by step. Additionally we have created a one pager (pdf) that visualizes thit process in detail:  Integration process onepager


Get to know each other

Do you know ZorgDomein already? If not, please visit for more information about our application and company. When you are discovering the possibilities of building a connector with ZorgDomein we’d like to hear from you. So please contact us so we can get to know each other. 

Once you decide to develop a connector you are assigned to a ZorgDomein consultant that will guide you through the development process.

Design your connector within the architecture of your application

Developing a good connector starts with good preparations. Therefore we advice you to make a design of the connector within the architecture of your application. On the one hand you will need a functional design in which you define how your application interacts with ZorgDomein on a functional level, and how your users will interact with these functionalities. On the other hand you will need a technical API design that defines how the different backend components of your application will interact with ZorgDomein. We are happy to review your design or help you make the right design choices.

To get you started ZorgDomein organizes a Jumpstart for developers periodically. This is a one day training where we teach the basics of building a connector with ZorgDomein Integrator. 


Start building the connector

When the design has finished you can start defining a global planning for the development of your connector. Based on this planning you can start building. During this process the ZorgDomein consultant can help you to configure the ZorgDomein application and resolve technical issues. 


Make sure your connector meets the validation criteria

When your connector is ready to be released, ZorgDomein will schedule a validation session to verify that the connector meets the relevant validation criteria. Which criteria you have to apply to depends on the components you implement in your connector. Please read the documentation of the components to find the relevant criteria. Next to the component specific criteria you also need to meet the general technical validation criteria

This is also the moment to formalize our collaboration. Therefore we propose to draw up a mutual collaboration agreement in which we record our agreements towards hosting, avialability, future product development, liability and more. This way we aim to ensure a smooth and unambiguous collaboration. 


Connect the first customers

If all relevant criteria are met, we are ready to implement the connector at the first customer. Together we will select one or two customers that can implement the connector as a pilot. The first implementations require some extra attenention, so we take extra care in these implementations. ZorgDomein will offer extra support to address any unforseen issues in these first implementations. 


Release the connector

As soon as the first implementations of the connector have proven to be stable, we are ready to release the connecotr to all other customers. This is also the moment to communicate the launch of the new connector externally and potentially start a marketing campain. We’d like to synchronize our mutual markting efforts to address a larger audience with a consistent message.