ZorgDomein Integrator exposes different functionalities to external applications. These different functionalities are logically grouped in components. When building a connector with ZorgDomein Integrator you can implement the following components:

  • Send documents
    Generate and send referrals, healthcare requests, reports and other clinical documents to other healthcare suppliers directly from your application.
  • Receive documents
    Receive and process referrals, healthcare requests, reports and other clinical documents for healthcare organizations or individual practitioners directly in your application.
  • SSO to ZorgDomein
    Enable users to launch ZorgDomein directly from your application and share application context with ZorgDomein.
  • SSO from ZorgDomein
    Enable professionals and patients to launch your application from ZorgDomein and exchange data with ZorgDomein.

It is not always necessary to implement all components in a single connector. The components for sending and receiving healthcare documents are typically combined in one connector. This way you can create a two-way mechanism for sending and receiving clinical documents directly from and in your application.