ZD PractitionerRole

Resources conforming to this profile are sent by ZorgDomein as part of a Bundle that is sent to deliver a FHIR document to the information system of the referrer or care provider.

The canonical URL for this profile is:

This profile builds on PractitionerRole.

identifier Σ 0..* Identifier
active Σ 0..1 boolean
period Σ I 0..1 Period
practitioner S Σ I 0..1 Reference(ZD Practitioner)
organization S Σ I 1..1 Reference(ZD Organization)
code Σ 0..* CodeableConcept
coding Σ 0..* Coding
text Σ 0..1 string
location S Σ I 0..* Reference(ZD Location)
reference Σ I 0..1 string
identifier Σ 0..1 Identifier
display Σ 0..1 string
telecom Σ I 0..* ContactPoint
daysOfWeek 0..* codeBinding
allDay 0..1 boolean
availableStartTime 0..1 time
availableEndTime 0..1 time
description 1..1 string
during I 0..1 Period
availabilityExceptions 0..1 string
endpoint I 0..* Reference(Endpoint)

See the profile on for additional details.

Resource example

Below you find an example of a PractitionerRole resource that conforms to the ZD PractitionerRole profile.

      "resourceType": "PractitionerRole",
      "id": "zd-practitionerrole-1",
      "meta": {
        "profile": [
      "practitioner": {
        "reference": "Practitioner/zd-practitioner-1",
        "display": "H. de Vries"
      "organization": {
        "reference": "Organization/zd-organization-1",
        "display": "Huisartsenpraktijk ZorgDomein"
      "location": [
          "reference": "Location/zd-location-1",
          "display": "Locatie Breukelen"
    <PractitionerRole xmlns=''>
      <id value='zd-practitionerrole-1'/>
        <profile value=''/>
        <reference value='Practitioner/zd-practitioner-1'/>
        <display value='H. de Vries'/>
        <reference value='Organization/zd-organization-1'/>
        <display value='Huisartsenpraktijk ZorgDomein'/>
        <reference value='Location/zd-location-1'/>
        <display value='Locatie Breukelen'/>